Nobody ever accused the ALLDERBLOB of originality. In fact, like most cyclists, we are lazy. Like most cyclists, we would rather ride to a restaurant than drive to a gym. Like most cyclists, we can’s see the point of working an extra four months each year just to earn enough money to afford a car. We would rather sit in cafes reading the newspaper. We mumble to the point of incoherence. We copy and paste whenever possible.

We read in The Toronto Star on Sunday the headline above. What immediately sprang to mind was a “Victims of the Automobile” post.

Being lazy, it’s taken a day to put up the post.

Being lazy, it’s more than we can bother with to make up our own headline.

Maybe by next week we’ll get around to an update on what’s being called the “worst mass murder in Ontario’s history.” Unless the paper wises up to the daily carnage [pun intended? –ed.] on our roads between then and now, in which case we’ll be all over the news.

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