What kind of monster would drive that car?

It’s been suggested to the ALLDERBLOB that we accept cash in exchange for running a small advertisement or two. This does not seem like such a bad idea. We have long envied the incomes of those “artists without anything to say” whose toil is so richly rewarded. Seeing as how it’s coming on Easter, that most holy of times in the car-dealership patch, we’ve been wondering about the ad running in “Canada’s Car Advertiser of Record” that features a Frankenstein-type monster with the keys to his new monster truck.

what kind of car would frankenstein drive?

What kind of monster drives that car, we’ve frequently asked ourselves, and the Globe and Mail would answer that question we guess.

What kind of car did Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka drive when they lured their victims to their ultimate death, for example?

We think it’s worth asking, and have designed an ad to put the question:

what kind of car would the bride of frankenstein drive?

On April 16, 1992, the couple drove into a church parking lot. Homolka stepped out of the car with a map pretending to be lost and asking for help from 15-year-old Kristen French. Bernardo approached her from behind and used a knife to force French into the back seat of the car. A piece of the map, one of French’s shoes and some of her hair were all later found at the crime scene. They brought French to their home where for several days they sexually assaulted, abused, and tortured her. They killed French just before going to Easter Sunday dinner at Homolka’s parents’ home. On April 30, her body was found in a ditch in the city of Burlington, Ontario.

How easy was that? Now, when does the money start rolling in?

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    Post-script: Zerbisias in her Toronto Star column on Media wrote today about the AdBusters campaign to see broadcasters required to accept a commercial that disparages automobile culture. See also her blob.

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