Two bicycle riders were killed yesterday here in Toronto.

Two dead in Toronto

Two people on bicycles were killed by trucks here in Toronto

Two dead in Toronto

One was hit by a truck on Avenue Road in the morning

A male cyclist; a dump truck; both going South.

The truck turned right across the cyclist’s path

Two dead in Toronto

The other was hit that evening around dusk

It was the evening of the day the cyclist was killed on Avenue Road.

The second cyclist died at the intersection of Keele and Finch

This time the cyclist was female and the truck

A tractor trailer; the truck turned and it was the trailer:

The trailer rolled over the cyclist. She was killed.

Two dead in Toronto.

Two dead in Toronto,

And it’s only April.

Expand the carfree spaces in the city! Demand the Toronto Coroner’s call, for large trucks to be fitted with wheel guards, be enacted!

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    U of T Professor Killed In Bike Collision

    I don’t take the TTC, I avoid cabs, and I just don’t have the patience to do any real walking. I bike everywhere. So whenever I hear about a biker being killed in Toronto, I take it to heart. On April 20th, Hubert van Tol, professor of phar...

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