May, Uneventful

We wonder where the time goes.

Another May has passed, and nothing happened.

Nothing? Well, yes, the ALLDERBLOB entered a new introspective phase, with its post entitled “Do You Feel Lucky?” And we wrote some letters to the Toronto Star about their car fixation that didn’t get published. But that’s not what we mean.

We mean the sort of thing you could write a book about.

“The events of May,” or “Five days in May:” these are the books we’re talking about.

Instead, it’s “May, I hardly knew ye,” and “May…be, or maybe not.”

Did GM [that genetically modified car company –ed.] continue its downward slide into ignominy and shame? Yes, that’s a given. Did Honda make plans for a new plant in Ontario, with “no government subsidies” (only $5 million in road construction for “plant access”). Well, yeah.

But “events?” there were none.

Perhaps it’s a case of the quiet before the storm (literally–with hurricane season starting next week). Perhaps “events” are meant to unfold in June this time around. Perhaps then we’ll have public hectoring at the street corners, from bards of the old school.

One can only hope so.

Cause May without Events is like Paris without the the spring.

[redundant “the.” Please fix –ed.]

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