Do you feel lucky? (2)

[Editor’s note: Some of the links contained herein, which once provided delightful insight into the inner structure of the ALLDERBLOB, have lost touch as the so-called “giggle-mirror” cottoned on to our little scheme. Instead of linking to the interesting nuggets of wisdom found deep in our blob, a couple links have quickly come to point only to this page. How dull is that? We have attempted to circumvent this problem by hiding additional keywords in our searches, but our methods are as primitive as our motives suspect. –ed.]

We are so in love with ourselves.

Here is the latest from our collection of self-portraits, drawn from the giggle-mirror.

“people and parks belong together”

“steam gives way to sail”

palimpsest, schmalimpsest

bikelanes on wellesley street

“alcohol” equals freedom, “car” equals defeat.

Now don’t go ‘way mad. ALLDERBLOB’s regular (de-)programming will be back. We’re working on a big lob as we speak, in fact. For now, suffice to say that we’ve been reading a book called How to Read Marx, by Peter Osborne, where on page 41 we learn “To be human, for Marx, is to create new needs.” Puzzlement! Does that mean the advertisers we so pity envy would be Marx’s ideal of the species? Is the advertising profession therefore pre-eminently Marxist? Hmmm.

Stay tuned, as they say. We will get to the bottom of this.

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