Success! Eye magazine questions its policy regarding car ads

Toronto’s Eye Magazine, despite its ownership pattern (noted a couple lobs back) is not actually thoroughly insipid. We like many of the writers on it. We love the work of the cartoonist Lind. We enjoy Gord Perks, although we wish he were perfect like us. Many of the Eye writers and editors were involved in the uTOpia book which published our much-vaunted [by us anyway –ed.] Toronto Island Airport redesign proposal.

Yesterday Eye published a variety of rants and screeds in response to the Churchillian editorial of last week calling for action against greenhouse gases. One of them was ours.

Eye – June 15, 2006
Air Huggers Unite!
I loved the argument in your editorial this past Thursday (“Our finest hour,” June 8 ). I mean, it was stirring, it was bold, it made sense. Sacrifice? Of course! Rebuild our infrastructure? Let’s start already! Examine every detail of our lives to battle the scourge of global warming?

Um, could you rephrase that question? On the facing page (which contains a full-page car ad) your argument unravels. If we really want to get serious about global warming, we have to examine our dance with the automobile. Here’s how I see it: from the automobile, we get sprawl; from sprawl, we get the need for automobiles; from the automobile, we get global warming. Cha-cha-cha.

Eye Weekly: for the love of humanity, get a backbone. Show your readers what it means to accept threatened prosperity as we “sever our dependence on oil,” because by saying no to car ads, you’re going to take a hit. Someone’s got to do it, though. C’mon, you can be heroes! Let your readers see how making a sacrifice is done. Let them know you have it in you to examine every detail of your own lives. JACOB ALLDERDICE

What to make of this? Is Eye’s editorial cabal converging as we speak, firing their ad sales manager, laying out a bold new strategy to recover the dime an issue (or whatever it is) that car ads were paying them? Will we see a bold new Eye, one whose bottom line is in line with their front line rhetoric?

A snowball’s chance in Hull [um… –ed.] seems brighter than two days ago.

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