Do you feel lucky? (3)

God created navels for us to gaze with.

July 3, 2006

animal safari ontaro (note typo!)

st jamestown toronto (out of a million hits, ours is number 15)

circlear logic (in an abtuse reference to the way our erstwhile southern neighbours pronounce “nuclear,” the Allderblob sought to poke a little fun. Strangely, there are two other hits google gives us for this term. And they’re in earnest).

July 14, 2006
“The blob we know as Canada”: Definitely “Lucky.”

Think there’d be lots of folks writing about “moralists” and Jane Jacobs? We figured the same. Doesn’t everyone want to kick sand on her memory? So to find ourselves in the top 10 must mean we’re on to something, right?

Think “Everyone hates cars”? Well, so do we. Funny though, hardly anyone else writes about the fact.

And in a personal fave, the ALLDERBLOB asks: “Where is the ‘war on terror’ when need it most?” Strangely, we’re not the only ones asking.

July 20 2006:

You’ll not be surprised to hear the phrase “advertising versions of reality” returns some 26 million hits on google. After all, what else is there to advertise (arguably, what else is there besides “versions” of reality)? So it is with some measure of humility [ha! –ed.] that we note our place in the list at number one.

We never actually wrote about pseudoscience in car ads but googling the phrase will net some hits–159,000 or so. Strangely, the ALLDERBLOB is hit no. 1. What we’re beginning to wonder about is if a random search for anything negative coupled with “car ads” will find our page. What we’re beginning to wonder about is if the ALLDERBLOB is just a big negative-land, a festival of negativity. We wonder if you, dear reader, will be corrupted and depressed by our daily brush with dross. We hope your mental health coverage is up to date.

And finally: ARCista. What can we say. It’s not as if we made the word up. Not like “automobilious,” which reminds us of the acid-reflux symptoms everyone feels in the presence of cars. Not like “bicyclicious,” referring to the “full flavour of a bicycle experience.” ARCista is no more than a friendly howdy-do to our pals at ARC, Toronto’s Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists. But it’s not a word in wide use. Oh, it gets a few hundred hits. But the first fifty are in furrin langwidges. It’s not until 51 that you get English. Which is we.

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