Toronto Star and Car Advertiser pays lipservice to Ontario obesity crisis

Breaking News Dept:

Ontario has a diabetes problem. A recent study published in the Lancet, a British medical journal of some note, pointed out that even taking into account the province’s population growth, incidences of diabetes have increased by 70% in ten years.

The Toronto Star and Car Advertiser is outraged. It put out a strongly-worded editorial calling for a jihad against diabetes–and against its co-conspirator, obesity. “Much the way it attacked smoking, Ontario needs to focus public attention on the danger posed by obesity.”

We agree strongly with the Star‘s position, and are glad to hear they will be starting the fight right in their own newspaper–by banning all car ads. After all, it’s cars that cause car dependency, and it’s car dependency that leads to inactivity, drive-thru junk-food stands, obesity and diabetes.

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