Globe and Mail and Car Advertiser, page A-1: “World has fifteen year window to curb emissions.”

Toronto Globe and Mail and Car Advertiser, page A-1: “World has 15-year window to curb emissions, experts say”

A respected panel of scientists organized by the UN says the world probably has only 15 years left to stabilize the growth in greenhouse-gas emissions and, at that point, will have to cut releases in half by 2050 to avoid extremely damaging warming of the planet.

Next column over, under an image of an old beater with the top down, read how you can skip to the thirty-page “Globe Auto” section for Jeremy Cato’s in-depth story on a different window that’s now closed: “Fifty years after the Ford Skyliner convertible flopped, retractable hardtops are headed back on the road.

This summer, with climate change coming on strong, cool it: flip your lid! The convertible is back–and it’s not your grandad’s ragtop. Concerned about crash safety? Relax–in “weird” weather or for the daily commute, just drive one of your two other cars.

Or is it the story about schizophrenia, just below these two, that you really should be reading? There, Glob science reporter Andre Picard writes about the groundbreaking research of Toronto neuroscience researcher Dr. John Roder:

The article, “Behavioral phenotypes of Disc1 missense mutations in mice,” demonstrates for the first time that a malfunctioning gene can cause the disorder. Further, it offers a tantalizing clue that the big three psychiatric disorders – depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia General Motors, Ford and Chrysler – may have the same underlying genetic cause.

[Hey–what about Toyota? –ed.].

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