The Petey Crew Sir Pong

The Allderblob undertook a trip of a lifetime to visit the Cambridge School of Weston this past weekend. The occasion? The 30th reunion of the class of 1977, of which we were a part. The result? A pong, shortly forthcoming.

Truth to tell, the reunion itself was a lesson in minimalism, with only six or seven participants from our year in attendance. But what it lacked in number it made up in quality: the poet Jenny Rose; the cartoonist Dan Mazur; and the dancer Marianne Adams made our visit lively. Our wonderful former theatre teacher Robin Wood, to whom we owe the fact that we went into architecture as a profession, showed up for the banquet. At her table were her husband, the Cambridge architect Jeremy Wood, and our former college counselor Bonnie Musinsky. Somewhere during the day we also chatted with Arnold Simmel, class of 1943, who was a former boyfriend of our aunt Isabel. He had a funny story to tell us about our mother, who he recalls bicycled from Harvard village to Belmont and back–a distance of 28 miles each way–in order to work in the Belmont vegetable garden and attend a tea party one summer day back then.

But we were particularly pleased to have the chance to renew our acquaintance with Dan Mazur, whose comic book series “Lummox,” in bookstores across Harvard Square and Topanga Canyon, tells a story that resonates with our own blobbish experiences. Lummox, that great galoot, can’t seem to do anything right. He has no friends, his job stinks, his family spurns him. Everything he does backfires. Then as if by chance things start to turn around for Lummox.

He gets a job he loves, despite his self-doubt. He finds friends who care for him, and maybe even someone who loves him. Things fall his way–and sometimes it’s his clumsiness that makes them fall. He starts to become the architect of his own fate, which surprises everyone–himself included.

Lummox is everyman–like Blobby, he is larger than himself.

We look forward to hearing more from Lummox.

But we promised a pong, and a pong it shall be. Take it away, Blobby:

Pong of a Petey Crew, Sir

P for Petroleum
T for this pong I hum
Cruising down the interstate
Burning gases is my fate

In my PT Cruiser
No one calls me a loser
If they did then I would sue!
For it just would not be true!

I am not a loser,
In my PT Cruiser.
It gets ten clicks to a litre,
It makes me feel like I’m a leader

Not a loser
I’m a leader!
Not a loser
I’m a leader!

P is for Petroleum
T is for this pong I hum
Cruising down the 401
Going till the world is done.

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