General Motors dubbed “junk” by second rating agency; ALLDERBLOB responds with the usual: “Ban Car Advertisements!”

Headline in today’s Toronto Star: “Second debt rater labels GM’s debt as junk: Fitch follows Standard & Poor’s on credit downgrade: Plummeting sport-utility vehicle sales take the blame

The article is in the business section, page E4.

GM’s response to the news is in the front section, page A11: a page-and-a-quarter full-colour advertisement suggesting if you act fast they’ll give you 20 cents off per litre for one year or 2500 litres, whichever comes first. It’s accompanied by a photograph of a parking lot (mmm, delicious) teaming with Chevy cars and trucks, above a small print disclaimer. I read it carefully enough. Conspicuously absent is any mention of gas mileage ratings.

What can I say? Is it possible they’re feeling a pinch? The good news is it’s the first time in recent memory page A5 of the paper’s not been colonized by the giant company for their full page car-porn.

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