Margaret Wente: her butt hurts.

From time to time we examine the Saturday Globe and Mail and Car Advertiser for signs of bad taste and a lack of geometry. Inevitably, we find it.

Yesterday it was large and protruberant within the confines of Margaret Wente’s column, which examined in some detail the circumstances of why her butt hurts so badly these days. As many of you may suspect, a horse was involved. Sadly, the column is neither amusing nor interesting, nor even mildly salacious.

At present, a google search for the phrases “Margaret Wente” and “my butt” is “lucky” for the ALLDERBLOB. We rather suspect that Ms. Wente feels some chagrin at this fact, and is attempting to catch up. And indeed, her column is now no. 2.

“Try harder,” Ms. Wente. And we truly hope your butt grows less uncomfortable over time.

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