Subliminal images in Molson Indy logo: Abu Ghraib horrors?

We cannot be the only ones to be baffled by the strange choice of images juxtaposed on giant billboards and over the heads of subway riders throughout the city of Toronto.

We know the Molson Indy: the fumes, the noise, the bloated bellies and erect phallo-cars. We have long ago shrugged off the subliminal suggestion that when a beer company sponsors an automobile race, what’s being sold is the message “Drink Beer, Drive Fast.”

But these new posters? What are they about? What is it silhouetted against the flames? What means this hooded figure burning bright?

actual 2005 molson indy logo untouched

All that’s needed are a few curling wires and the intent becomes clear. But why? Why? Why?

All that's missing is a little MADD sympathy ribbon.

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