In our once-a-month gag reflex check of the Nazional Past, we find on page FP6 (Saturday, August13, 2005) the news that GM, that genetically modified automobile company, has improved its media reputation considerably. Apparently, the Red Flag event analysis in the ALLDERBLOB was not weighted in the judge’s consideration.

The judge? A public relations hack outfit [sorry, that’s “media consultancy firm” to you –ed.] named Delahaye. According to them (and you could read it here, if only the dotcom had their connections up to snuff), GM’s reputation, sullied by their addiction to junk (bonds), has been buffed by the positive light thrown by media coverage of their inventory clearance sale–we mean their kind offer to let people buy devalued merchandise at (ahem) the same price their lucky employees pay (never mind how, last time we looked, the employee parking lot in Oshawa was filled with Toy Otas).

We say it doesn’t matter. You really cannot buff a turd until it’s fully fossilized. Give GM a few more years for that.

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