ALLDERBLOB approaches 50

Here at the ALLDERBLOB, we celebrate every day with gusto. But some days we shout about more than others. One such day approaches next week: our 50th birthday.

Yes, the ALLDERBLOB turns 50 on April 22. Yes, the day formerly known as Earth Day.

How will we celebrate? Well, we invite our readers to send their own memories of the special day ahead. What does it mean to turn 50? Who else in history has ever turned 50? What are their accomplishments? Have any of them single-handedly brought GM [that genetically modified automobile company–ed.] to the edge of bankruptcy?

Readers: heed our call! stories may be sent to the ALLDERBLOB at our gmail address (i.e. “allderblob”). The best ones will be published here on a future date, and a waffle at the Only Cafe will be awarded as first prize to one lucky winner.

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