ALLDERBLOB Day passes like the wind

It’s March 17.

On this, the day formerly known as St. Patrick’s Day, folks all over the world gather together to celebrate and plan for a world without automobile advertising.

Many of them remain sober.

Yes, it’s ALLDERBLOB Day again.

While a lot has happened in the history of the world, apparently among the events proclaimed today (our research dept. cites some 1.2 million items) the invention of ALLDERBLOB Day last year tops the chart. Or as the St Patrick’s day poseurs put it: “top o’ the chart” to ye.

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    Over at Cog's on Gerrard, my local bikestore, Clay Tyson tells me that Allderblob Day is also known (among bikestore owners) as the unofficial start of the bicycle season.


    In celebration of the New Year ("Nawrooz" in Persian translates to "the third day after ALLDERBLOB day") we have installed Akismet spam filter. In a few minutes we had 4,827 spam messages in our web. Hooray! Hooray for Akismet! Hooray for Nawrooz! Hooray for ALLDERBLOB day!


    [...] Is the ALLDERBLOB kicking the bucket? Is that what we’re saying? So close to ALLDERBLOB day? [...]

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