ALLDERBLOB to Allderdice: “You’re Fired!” “He’s just too boring” –Blobby


In a post entitled “Danforth Peninsula–Fact or Fabulation,” the ALLDERBLOB’s urban design “expert” Jacob Allderdice let loose with a winding, breathy and ultimately (we think–we never reached the end) pointless screed. Pointless? Well, maybe not. Frankly, we suspect he’s just trying to impress someone. Who? We don’t know. Surely not his loyal readers. Is he trying to find work at Queen’s University’s History dept.? Is he trying to land a job at U. Winnipeg’s Institute for Urban Studies? Or is he vying for head of Urban Design at Pratt Institute?

Whatever. Wake us when he gets there.

Fact is, the ALLDERBLOB is not a “launching pad” for anyone’s career, and will not be used as such. We have no room and no time for folks trying to prove their “seriousness” as urban designers, or as anything else.

We reject seriousness. For that matter, we reject rejecting seriousness. There’s just no winning with us. We like it like that.

Wait–can we take that back? Winning at the ALLDERBLOB means writing well, with original ideas and clear expression.

Our other writers here, namely Blobb, Blobby, Blobbish and Blog (always one person who thinks they’re special) were unanimous in decrying Allderdice’s latest piece: “He’s boring,” to be precise.

“It happens every time he tries to write about urban design.”

“Make him go away!”

Sadly, we are in agreement. Much as it pains us to do so, we are showing Sr. Allderdice the door.

No shame, really. Legion is the number not seen as fit to writhe on our pages. To Allderdice, we bid adieu and bon chance. Maybe try one of the car advertisers?

Oh–and if someone else out there wants to risk the rough treatment writing for us on “questions of urban design,” contact us at the usual location.


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