Automobilious corruption versus Bicyclicious devotion

Ads are not all created equal.

Car ads, which would convince us to buy something that will:

a. cause obesity
b. cause respiratory illness to people outside cars and to people who make cars
c. cause death by crashes and by petroleum development
d. cause rape of nature
e. cause destruction of productive farmland
f. cause erosion of cities
g. cause cancer to people inside
h. cause cancer to people outside
i. cause destruction of public transit and automobile addiction

are by nature automobilious. They lead directly to that sickness induced by the presence of automobiles.

But bicycle ads don’t do any of this stuff.

They promote consumption, it’s true, but the product they promote is by nature “bicyclicious,” which describes the “full flavour of a bicycle experience.”

A bicyclicious experience this weekend might be to ride around and visit some of Toronto’s “Doors Open” architectural open houses. Head to the Toronto Islands by ferry and cycle slowly through the “largest carfree urban community in North America.” Stop by the market gallery over the St. Lawrence market and take a gander at the remarkable exhibit of photos and memorabilia curated and with commentary by Steve Brearton, that comprises “from scorchers to alley-cat scrambles: the amazing history of the bicycle in Toronto.”

Bicyclicious or automobilious? The choice is yours. Here at the ALLDERBLOB, we always prefer health over sickness, full flavour over the pasty simulacra.

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    In the bicyclicious category, not to forget the car-free kensington event on Augusta or thereabouts from 1 pm to the wee hours (well, 7 pm anyway) today, sunday May 28.

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