Car Companies Wave the Red Flag

This latest trend is just so juicy we’ve had to create a special category all on its own for this post. The trend is for “Ads of desperation.”

Okay, we accept that all ads are acts of desperation. But some ads just ring so hollow, so false, so desperate , that you have to nail them on a post and wave them around a bit.

Here of course, what’s being waved around is a red flag, and not by the Allderblob but the car companies: “It’s our RED FLAG DAYS,” by gum, and if you know what’s good for you you’ll take advantage of the opportunity we’re offering! ARR, matey!”

The black skull-and-crossbones Jolly Roger flag was raised not to signal an attack but as a warning to surrender. Most captains did. If not, an all-red flag went up, marking an impending raid and robbery.

Imagine, the “big three” car companies are all over themselves trying to lure customers with the tired come-on of “employee pricing” and “family pricing.” As if it will distract anyone from the fact that what’s on offer it the same old shite. Please. Why they want to do us a favour all of a sudden?

Something must be going very wrong in Detroit [not to mention Oshawa! -ed]

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