Crash kills two on Ontario Highway, Time to ban car ads?

“Leaders vow to combat racing after fatal crash” Toronto Star and Car Advertiser, October 8 2007

To the Editor:

According to your story, “McGuinty says ‘Find and punish racers;’ Tory says ‘No more plea bargains’ and Hampton says ‘Bring back photo radar.’ ”

But not one of our so-called leaders addresses the real problem: like cigarettes not so long ago, cars are still considered “okay” in mixed company. In fact, they’re celebrated. Look at the multi-page advertising features that flesh out your Saturday paper each week. Advertising cars for their potential speed, for their power, for their ability to attract sexual conquests is considered a reasonable way to make a living.

Norway recently banned all ads that implied a car could be eco-friendly
, but that doesn’t go far enough. Cars kill. They are killing the planet, and they are killing the people who would live on the planet. Like alcohol, tobacco and firearms, cars may have a role to play in society. But it’s ludicrous to advertise them as if they were harmless. It’s past time to ban car ads.

Where’s the leader who will say this? Until then, McGuinty, Tory and Hampton are just blowing smoke.

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