Earth Hour(tm) passes with nary a peep from North Korea

Here at the ALLDERBLOB(tm) we try to keep abreast of the news at all times and at all costs.

Take the other night, for example, in the latest example of “feel-goodism” generated from the bowels of corporate sustainability: Earth Hour(tm), a 60-minute palooza of branded “do your bit for the betterment of the world.”

Of course, the climate change deniers were all over this one: you can read all about their smug refusal to go along with the attempt to reduce electricity consumption. To climate change deniers, reducing any kind of consumption is futile and smacks of communism.

The National Post and Car Advertiser, for example, had a field day with Earth Hour(tm). They carried on as though it was all a goofy plot to instill North Korean-style government the world over.

Fact is, for astronomers and just plain folks who like to see the stars at night, North Korea’s probably a pretty nice place to live.

earth hour, north korea style (ca 2000)

Too bad it takes a despotic government and an economy of dire poverty to create these conditions. Too bad we in the west can’t seem to figure out how to make good things (darkness at night) come with other good things (enough food to eat, decent jobs, and healthy citizenry).

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