GM Encourages diddling among the general public: advertising: it’s not just for artists anymore

It’s come to the attention of the ALLDERBLOB that GM [yes, that genetically modified car company –ed.] encourages the old “heave-ho” on a website especially set up for the frustrated car pornographer among us.

We first heard about this through Antonia Zerbisias, our colleague at the Toronto Star [who you kiddin’? –ed.] who alluded cryptically to it here.

So, could it be true that in all our rants and complaints about the pernicious effect of the automobile advertisement on society that we are secretly longing for our own chance in the spotlight? Are we, like so many of those “artists who have nothing to say” just waiting for our chance to mumble on a national stage? Is it music we want? Is it flashy images that we can put our own words to? Is it a text editor that can’t talk back?

Well, GM is giving it us.

What will we do with the opportunity? Will we break the back of the evildoer? Will we destroy the corporation that has done so much to destroy this planet?

Or will we just snap our fingers along with the catchy tunes, our eyes glazed over in priapic ecstacy?

You be the judge.

Better, you be the jury, if you get what we mean [a wink is as good as a nod, say no more, say no more –ed.].

Here’s our version of the GM Tahoe–and here’s the one Zerbisias passed along (look now, by morn it may be gone…). But don’t stop at looking. Looking’s nothing. You gotta feel the rush yourself. You gotta make your own ad.

After all, there’s nothing like the quick frisson of pleasure that making a car ad can give you, to get the blood racing.

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    the original ad's been taken down, but a few others have been posted to zerbisias's blob.
    (Antonia Zerbisias herself made this one)

    and (very funny)


    I put up the wrong ad in my last post (now it's fixed). The right link for the ad Zerbisias made is this:


    this is really snowballing. I hope somewhere there is a complete list of these things--if only there were a way to save them...

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