Why the Government has fallen: Advertising corrupts (automobile advertising corrupts automobiliously).

The Gomery Report, which purported to look into the so-called “Sponsorship scandal,” was issued some weeks ago to much “shock” [“the government is corrupt? How could that have happened?”–ed.] and “awe” [“aw, shucks,” that is–ed.].

And now, tonight, after some bluster and swagger and not a little deceit, the 171 members of parliament who together make up the three parties in opposition to the 133 members of the Liberal party, who ruled in a minority government for the past year and a half, have voted they have “no confidence” in the ability of the Liberals to keep ruling. We are to elect a new government.

How did this happen? What was the Gomery Report, and what exactly were its findings? What was so explosive? Why did it cost the government its mandate?

Answers to these questions cannot be found here. Frankly, the ALLDERBLOB doesn’t profess to know the answers.

What we do know is that the “Gomery Commission” as established had a longer name: the “Commission of Inquiry into the Sponsorship Program and Advertising Activities.”

And what we know about “advertising activity” is it serves a place in society: it manufactures a need for stuff without a god-damn about whether that stuff is good, bad, useful or evil.

What we know about advertising is that it, like power, corrupts. And while absolute power, as Lord Acton [whoever the hell he was –ed.] said, “corrupts absolutely,” automobile advertising corrupts automo-biliously.

Yes, automobiliously, from the adjective “automobilious,” meaning “car-sickened.” Not “car-sickness,” that’s the effect the car has on its passengers. “Car-sickened” is the effect cars have on those outside, not those inside. It refers to the degradation of society as a whole that the car induces.

Advertising Corrupts: as demonstrated by the Gomery Report, as long as there’s advertising, it will mess up our minds.

Automobile advertising corrupts automobiliously: as demonstrated by the ALLDERBLOB, as long as there’s car advertising, it will mess up our cities, our towns, our countryside, our villages, and our wilderness.

The Gomery Report brought down the government. Can the ALLDERBLOB bring down the practice of automobile advertising?

Stay tuned…

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