homer choking bart rebranded–UPDATE

We keep track of our statistics in a scattered way.

For example, we know what search topics bring folks to our site. Here’s today’s list, which is a tally for the month of December to date (the number indicates how many searches have come to the ol’ blob by way of the word or phrase that follows):

49 homer choking bart
21 future cars
20 guy giorno
17 computers internet blog
15 igor kenk
14 jessica rabbit
12 allderblob
9 francis wilkinson
9 mitch goldhar
7 jacob richler
7 who framed roger rabbit jessica
5 who framed roger rabbit jessica rabbit
5 dennis morgan
4 homer choking bart simpson
4 allderdice
4 stevie harper
4 invisible cars
4 see the new car in the jones’ driveway? you may soon be driving one just like it by david leonhardt
4 guy giorno john baird
3 race the sun cover
264 [not listed: 238 search terms]

We’re not proud [that’s obvious.–ed.] but we would have wanted to be able to say folks find us because they share our concern about car advertising: because they believe, with us, that cars are just as detrimental to the globe as alcohol, tobacco and firearms, and that like those other social ills, cars should be highly restricted in the way they advertise themselves. You know, “ban car ads?” The phrase “Ban Car Ads” should be the number one search item bringing readers to the ALLDERBLOB.

But our statistics tell us otherwise. Fact is, a lot find us because we once posted a shot of “homer choking bart simpson,” and (on another occasion) “Jessica Rabbit,” and for some reason folks will want to clip those shots and use them to illustrate obscure points of their own. Fact is, at one time not too long ago, a google search for the phrase “homer choking bart” found the ALLDERBLOB at the top of the heap.

This bugged us.

After all, we’ll be the ones to make obscure points around here. And after all, our site is not about glorifying pop cultural icons. If anything, it’s the reverse [whatever that means –ed.].

So as an experiment we doctored that shot of fatherly child abuse that’s such a staple of amerikan kulture, and returned it to its original spot on our pages. We tattooed the suggestion, “WTC7 CONTROLLED DEMOLITION” on Homer’s outstretched arm.

homer choking bart: 9/11 mystery?

homer choking bart: 9/11 mystery?

Would Matt Groening approve?

Whatever. The fact is, our little sabotage did not work as we hoped: it did not seek all the pages that referenced our site and blow them up. However, our google chart for the phrase “homer choking bart” has dropped off the top 10, which suits us fine. Strangely however, the doctored image has wormed its way here and there (scroll down the pages in question to see what we mean). Funny. No, really. Kinda funny.

What are people, stupid?

UPDATE: Here’s another one. Yikes! This thing is going to be bigger than Jesus!

Bigger than jesus, I tells ya! (scroll to the bottom).

Yet another one.

UPDATE: Feb 23 2009: The list keeps growing… but we have other irons in the fire these days. If the lasting imprint of the ALLDERBLOB is to implant the meme of 9/11 deception in the form of a Homer Simpson tattoo, well that will constitute a life well-lived by anyone’s measure (not that we need to prove anything to anyone…).

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