It’s BLOB, not blog

Why a BLOB?

It started with the Marx brothers, who famously asked “Why a Duck?”

The Blob calls for similar logic.

This is it. The Blob cometh.

By Blobbing, not blogging, The ALLDERBLOB starts a new thang in cyberspace. Or rather, a new name for what many are doing out here anyway. Look at or at for example. Not logging, but lobbing. As in throwing clumps of earth at stray targets. That’s this lobsite. And there’s another metaphor in waiting: the lobsite would be the precision instrument that allows for the aiming of those clumps of earth to be lobbed.

There’s a myth about lobs, that they are easy pitches, intended to make it easy for the batter. But lobs can be deceiving. Their nature is to come at you from unanticipated directions. Maybe, like the stick the zen master whacks intransigent pupils with, the lob will knock some enlightenment your way.

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