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On this page we keep track of jobs we’ve heard about that require tact and diplomacy, if not irony. Let us know if we can post your job!

April 13: two jobs to tell you about (one is past-due):

1. Deadline APRIL 23 2007:

Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation (TCAT)
Project Coordinator

TCAT was formed in 2006 to give a unified voice to the many groups working for a better cycling and pedestrian environment in Toronto. TCAT’s role is to provide a moderate but firm, non-partisan voice in the City’s transportation planning processes. TCAT aims to be recognized for its informed and articulate policy expertise.

TCAT’s communication goals are to encourage municipal decision-makers to vote in favour of the policies and projects they supported in TCAT’s election surveys, to carry out focused campaigns to ensure implementation of key priorities, and to leverage complementary activities from its member organizations.

With funding from the Toronto Community Foundation, a project coordinator is required to assist TCAT through its start-up phase to develop a focused, strategic action plan to secure City commitment for a continuous and safe active transportation network in Toronto.

The Project Coordinator will report to and take direction from the Steering Committee and perform tasks under the following general headings:

Research: Gather information using survey research, literature review, information interviews, etc., on subjects including but not limited to:
. Municipal decision making processes in the City of Toronto
. Pedestrian and cycling policies and programs in other jurisdictions
. Background information related to deputations
. Informing the Steering Committee of current events or upcoming issues
. Identifying and pursuing new funding opportunities for TCAT
. Undertaking a membership survey to profile TCAT members and determine how they are willing and able to contribute to TCAT efforts

Administration: Provide administrative support for the organization, including, but not limited to:
. Organizing, coordinating and attending meetings (including a strategic
planning session and TCAT’s Annual General Meeting)
. Preparing agendas and minutes
. Arranging facilities, equipment and catering for meetings
. Serving as a liaison between the Steering Committee and IT consultant
. Preparing periodic reports and invoices for funders

Prepare and facilitate communications for the organizations, including but not limited to:
. Developing and adhering to TCAT’s communication strategy
. Developing visual materials to illustrate and communicate research findings
. Fielding and directing inquiries from coalition members, the public, government and other organizations
. Preparing information and/or press kits for media, politicians, etc. around specific issues or campaigns

Identify and coordinate opportunities for TCAT to participate in strategic events, etc., including but not limited to:
. Developing recommendations for the 2008 & 2009 City Budgets, after reviewing 2007 City Budget results against TCAT Platform items.
. Working with the Cycling and Pedestrian committees to forward recommendations to the Planning and Growth Management Committee in time to be transmitted to the 2008 and 2009 City Budget Process.
. Flagging and creating opportunities for Councillors, especially those on the Executive Committee and Budget Committee, to improve conditions for active transportation.
. Organizing TCAT’s advocacy campaigns and develop a tool for measuring the progress TCAT is making on promoting its platform and having action
taken to achieve it.

Terms of contract:
. Compensation – $29,000 to $33,500
. 31 to 42 week contract, beginning in May 2007, with possible
extension subject to funding
. 22.5-37.5 hrs/week, distribution of hours to be negotiated
. Including some evening and possibly weekend hours
. The successful candidate will need to work from home for at least a
portion of the time

. Prior knowledge of, or experience with municipal politics in Toronto,
particularly as it relates to active transportation issues
. Prior knowledge of or experience with program administration for advocacy/non-profit organizations
. Superior written and oral communications skills
. Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain professional relationships with diplomacy and tact [emphasis ours –ed.]
. Demonstrated ability to work independently to balance multiple demands with a keen sense of quality and deadlines [if not irony –ed.]
. Experience researching funding sources and writing funding proposals and reports
. Familiarity with word processing, spreadsheets, graphics software and other office equipment
. Candidates should be committed to cycling and walking as healthy, sustainable modes of transportation.

Please visit TCAT’s website at to learn more about our coalition platform.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter on or before 12 pm on April 23rd to info(at)


2. Application deadline: Mar 20, 2007


Position: Researchers
Organization: Toronto Cyclists Union

Date posted to Feb 23, 2007
Application deadline: Mar 20, 2007
Start date: Mar 21, 2007
Location: Toronto, Ontario

New cyclist advocacy group forming in Toronto. Using a
member-funded model, we will provide a new voice for
cyclists, a new magazine and a hub for the two-wheeled

We are looking for volunteers to help us with the research
required to develop an organisational model, business plan
and outreach strategy. Join us now, as we get this project
off the ground. Public project launch: spring 2009.

To apply, please send an e-mail to:

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