Case Ootes is so going down. And we don’t mean that in a good way.

News flash: the ward 29 race just got a little more piquante.

We have received word that Hamish Wilson, he of the offal puns (“Carmegeddon,” anyone?) and the stout heart, has put his good name on the line against Mr. Case Ootes.

Wilson is a Green party member, but don’t hold that against him (Mr. Ootes’s buddy Paul Charboneau also ran under the Green party banner for MP against NDP Peter Tabuns, but was never more than a closet Liberal [the East York Mirror caught up with Mr. Charboneau “congratulating” Liberal Ben Chin, the close runner-up to Tabuns, on the night of the election–that’s all we need to know–ed.]).

Wilson is to be commended for his staunch support (some would say “windmill tilting”) for the Tooker Memorial Bikelane project, a dedicated “bicycle thruway” parallelling the Bloor/Danforth subway, to connect Toronto for bicycles from east to west.

Wilson has been consistent and logical in his opposition to the proposed Gardiner Expressway Extension (aka Front Street Extension), a proposal many (including Mayor Miller) have “reluctantly” backed.

For that alone Wilson deserves Case Ootes’s seat at council.

He’s an excellent writer, especially when he gets a good editor [hey! how come you never call anymore? –ed.]. His work has often graced the pages of NOW magazine. He can speak well, though in the City Idol competition he fizzled for some reason.

Is Wilson to be backed over Diane Alexopoulos, the “Team Miller” candidate? We haven’t heard boo from her about cycling, we will say that. Can Wilson beat Ootes? That depends. Can Alexopoulos? We don’t know.

What we do know is the NDP can not be counted on to support the long term interests of the climate over the short term interests of jobs in the auto sector. We do know the NDP is scrambling for union support, especially since the high profile defection of CAW boss Buzz Hargrove in the last federal election. And Alexopoulos is NDP as far as she can throw Jack Layton. She describes herself as “Director of Development and member of the senior political staff of Canada’s NDP.”

Where does Wilson stand on the call to Ban Car Ads? We don’t know, but we can guess that he will get it: there’s a connection to be made between a destructive addiction and the advertising that sells people on that addiction. We wonder if in Wilson the ALLDERBLOB has finally found the candidate who will back our call to “expand the non-driving zones of the city?” Could it be Wilson who will start the rebirth of the Danforth Peninsula? Will we have Wilson to thank next year when Nuit Blanche includes something east of the Don River?

Such high hopes. So little time.

We will be following up on this one.

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