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We want to hear from you. We really do. [although this will come as a surprise to the odd person who tried to register for a login password in the past. A vigilant reader notified us of the “missing link” and we have fixed it. Anyone, not just the spammers, may now register for a password. Go ahead: try it! –ed.]

Here’s how to see your comments added to the trove that we call “Comments on the ALLDERBLOB:”

1. register and/or log in with your name and email address. Do not worry. No salesman will call.

2. post your comment, preferably in English or some similar language. The use of sentences and recognizable grammar will also help.

3. your comment will be screened by our editor. If room permits [ha! who you kiddin? the only reason we screen comments is to avoid spam –ed.] your comment will appear on the post as appropriate.

Thank you for taking the trouble to contact us with your thoughts. It means a lot to us. Akismet thanks you too.

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    [...] Some of our regular readers will have noticed the paucity of entries here at the ol’ blob. In fact it’s been a dry spell of some weeks. But now, as the slogan has it, you may “Ask me about my vow of silence.” [...]

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