Robbie Burns, car hater

We had the pleasure of hearing Dr Lawrence Frank, PhD, deliver from the minutiae of his research the other day.

We were thinking of Robbie Burns, perhaps because of the proximity to the noon hour and the thought of an overstuffed haggis [whatever that is –ed.] which had found foothold in our right cerebral cortex.

Among the audience members we recognized Toronto bicycle planner Daniel Egan, furiously scribbling notes. Meanwhile, down in front, U of Toronto Planning professor Paul Hess, whose research into “walking-sheds” deserves its own ALLDERB-LOB, maintained an even disposition even as Larry Frank called his presence to the attention of all in the room.

Larry Frank, after Paul Hess: “pedestrian radius” has meaning only for crows

Dr. Frank is among the many people we at the ALLDERBLOB would emulate. What we particularly admire about him is his contention that good research should not seek to overturn that which one knows intuitively, but the reverse. Thus his latest finding, based on thousands of individual reports in Atlanta, Georgia that people prefer communities that encourage walking even if it means automobile use is discouraged, is refreshing music to our ears.

Car advertisers, are you listening?

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