Toronto covers up after cyclist death on “Blood” Street

There’s a mystery wrapped up in these pictures:

Cadmus photos

Chapter 1: An innocent fireplug on Bloor Street in Toronto gets a paint job. “Nothing to see here, sir. Move along.”

Darcy Allan Sheppard, RIP

Darcy Allan Sheppard, RIP

Chapter 2: A roadside memorial for a slain cyclist, Darcy Allan Sheppard. Photographed during the aftermath of a cyclist’s memorial this past Wednesday that saw a thousand observers take over the intersection of Bloor and University at the centre of Toronto, where Sheppard was killed in traffic on Monday night.

Fresh paint over fresh blood on Bloor Street

Fresh paint over fresh blood on Bloor Street

Chapter 3: Sheppard was killed after being scraped from the side of the speeding car he’d been holding on to, reportedly battered against a tree, a fireplug and a mailbox, and then run over by the back wheels of the car itself. Former Attorney General Michael Bryant was the driver. Navigator was the PR company that Bryant contacted from jail in the aftermath of being arrested and charged. Invest Toronto was the City of Toronto agency Bryant was hired to run (at $300k per year) by his fellow Harvard alumnus Mayor David Miller after quitting public office. The city sure acted fast to have the fireplug repainted. Wonder who ordered it?

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  1. velo-city says:

    Check out the surveillance camera footage at 1:38 minutes:

    This video leads me to believe that Bryant is guilty of the first blow, and it's a serious one. That's not a nudge, it's an attack.

    From the video of the police-reported "minor collision" it looks like Bryant committed two hit-and-runs on the same night, with the same victim. More serious charges are in order, from my perspective.

    What I find scariest about the whole incident is that, from all accounts, Bryant wasn't intoxicated, he was lucid, and consciously attacked Sheppard with his vehicle.

    Hoping for unbiased justice,


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