Toronto Island Airport in TIME. You know the end is near…

Some of our regular readers have been wondering why we don’t write about the Toronto Island Airport anymore. What happened to the the big design charrette, they ask us. What is up with the planned uTOpia, the new community of houses, apartments, shops and offices, built on a palimpsest of the former airport runways, with trams and bikes and people walking, with a beach on the west and with canoes trolling the marshy areas just offshore, and with NO CARS?

We have appeased the non-smokers. What about the non-drivers? Andy Singer CARtoon

Well, the fact is, we did our best to bring down the mighty Robert Deluce and his creepy bandit-branded airline. We slung our lobs hither and yon, and we blobbed as best we could. Fact is, a search for Porter Airlines on google gets lucky every time [well, provided you tweak the search words properly –ed.].

Finally, our bitter quest has borne fruit. The island airport saga has reached the pages of TIME magazine. Of course, as anyone can tell you, once TIME notices, it’s all over ‘cept for the counting.

Next, we just have to work on the drawbridge mentality that persists among certain of the island residents. You know, the crowd that says “What Toronto needs is another big park downtown. More houses on this island would ruin the place (for us).”

No one’s calling them hypocrites, but isn’t it hypocritical to say “the airport is a nonconforming use of the park, the airport must go,” while at the same time saying “How dare you question our right to live in houses in a park?”

We at the ALLDERBLOB say “everyone should have the right to live in a house in the park!”

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