Toronto Star and Car Advertiser says: “No relief for high gas prices”

The headline reads: “No relief” but to the polar bears (and the human race) it’s small relief only. Fact is, gas prices, which purchase the equivalent of many hundreds of man-hours per Canadian dollar, are much too low.

Can you say “Slave labour?” Sure you can.

We live in a false paradise and we are burning up our capital. When will we learn to live within our means, and see our situation for what it is? My guess is: never. How selfish. How hypocritical. And the Toronto Star and Car Advertiser is among the worst, with its pathetic grovelling to the automobile industry. Only when ban car ads outright will we have a semblance of accurate reporting of the crisis we face as a species.

Cranston Thurwell III

[Editor’s note: Introducing Cranston Thurwell III, a well-connected Toronto citizen, who has agreed to bare all (except his true identity) as a replacement for our former urban design consultant. You will have seen Thurwell’s work previously here, and perhaps elsewhere. We look forward to your comments, provided they are favourable, etc.].

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