Toronto Star and Car Advertiser “Wheels” section: it’s not just for “motors” anymore

If there’s one thing that can be said to bother us here at the ALLDERBLOB, it’s the underlying assumptions that permeate society and the media.

Take the Toronto Star and Car Advertiser [please. –ed.]. Each week, in addition to the plethora of full-page ads for global-warming machinery spread throughout the paper, it wraps its Saturday issue in a forty-page celebration of all that’s wrong and ugly in the world: the so-called “Wheels” section.

“So-called?” Of course–because while a lot of things have wheels in this world, you’ll never read about one in this section unless it also has a motor.

Why not call it “Motors?” Guess we’ll never know, now.

Because this past Saturday someone slipped a fast one past the editor. They published a Washington Post and Car Advertiser story about a bicycle rental program in the French cities of Paris and Lyon that included such nuggets as:

A recent study analyzed different trips in the city “with a car, bike, taxi and walking, and the bikes were always the fastest.”

Our friends in the International Bicycle Conspiracy say more than wheels are going to be rolling at the Toronto Star and Car Advertiser in the wake of this scandalous slip-up. Perhaps Jacob Richler, formerly of Toronto’s National Post and Car Advertiser, could find himself a cushy new job once current “Wheels” editor Mark Richardson is “dealt with.”

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