The truth about car advertising

The ALLDERBLOB came across this post as hit number 50 or so in a google search of the phrase “full car advertising.” We didn’t know what “full car advertising” meant, or where it would lead, but when you google it (without the quotes) you get a hell of a lot of hits. Fact is, according to our site stats, it’s a phrase that led someone to us, and we’re always interested in how that happens. But to tell the truth, we never found the link to our site from within those 80,600,000 google hits. What stopped us was your promising title.

“The Truth about Car Advertising” is a pretty potent come-on, as you gotta realize. It’s actually a brilliant and complex phrase, an oxymoron or something–you know, a phrase that contains within it a contradiction or a denial of its central premise.

But in reading your editorial we realized you have not realized the full promise of the title you chose. It’s as if you did not grasp the cognitive dissonance brought on by placing the words “truth” and “car advertising” in such close proximity.

Or maybe it’s just that The ALLDERBLOB takes a different position on car ads than your editorial does. We think car ads tell lies by definition, and their central lie is so pernicious, so destructive to society at large, so, well, evil, that there is no alternative in a society that wishes to defend itself and protect its future prosperity but to ban them outright.

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