Twenty votes give Ootes his seat back

Dateline: Ward 29, November 13, 11:44 pm.

And the votes are in. All polls reporting.

Ootes, Case* 5,790 (Elected) 46.3%
Alexopoulos, Diane 5,770 46.1%
James, Andrew 518 4.1%
Wilson, Hamish 183 1.5%
Richardson, John 137 1.1%
Smith, Darryl 114 0.9%

It looks like the last laughs are on us.

Please, Diane Alexopoulos, tell us you are going to demand a recount.

Please, Case Ootes: recognize that the ABC vote has spoken: 6,772 votes for their camp, 5,790 for yours. You lost by some twenty less than a thousand votes. Concede to the runner-up. Let Alexopoulos rule ward 29.

Give it up old man. Imperial Oil has moved to Calgary. Isn’t it time you headed west with them?

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    Both of today's local News and Car Advertisers ("Global Mail" and " Toronto Rats" reported today that Alexopolous "is considering" asking for a recount. A recount is automatic in the case of a tie, to which we at the ALLDERBLOB reply, "Well, Duh."

    Seems that 46.3% and 46.1% is close enough to a tie in our books.

    There was some other fishy stuff in this election. There is the case of the disappeared vote tabulator, which turned up late on voting night, locked in the car of one of the polling station monitors. These tabulators are equipped with (supposedly) tamper-proof seals.

    To which we answer, "nothin's tamper-proof."

    The Star interviewed Ootes and got some interesting quotes:

    Ootes said both NDP federal leader Jack Layton and NDP MPP Peter Tabuns canvassed for Alexopoulos in an all-out blitz aimed at toppling one of the few conservative-minded politicians in the area.

    "They apparently had a demon dialler encourage people to vote for her,'' Ootes said.

    "I am still here ... and they don't like it," he added.


    Wake up old man. It's not just Tabuns, Layton and Alexopoulos who don't like it. There's a majority in your ward who voted ABC--Anyone But Case. You can bet they don't like it either.

    There should be a rule. If an incumbent wins by 0.2% of the vote, over his closest competitor, in a race with five opponents, the incumbent should have to spend the following term wearing a chicken suit to all council meetings. Or he can concede defeat.

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