upcoming events dept. (VEER, DandyHorse #3)

We received the following request in the mail:

I want to let you know about a TCAT film screening coming up at CineCycle, in the hope that you will be able to spread the word on your fantastic blog:) Let me know if this would be possible. See you around at the Bicycle Film Festival or elsewhere.

Eh? our fantastic blog? Please, sir, it’s blob, not blog.

But aside from that, we aim to please:

Date: Thursday, August 27th, 2009.

VEER. TCAT (Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation) presents an award winning documentary on cycling activism. 8 PM. 8 $. CineCycle, 129 Spadina Avenue. http://www.torontocat.ca. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=119893582826

The Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation is proud to present Veer, a full-length documentary on community based cycling activism through five main protagonists. The film is presented by TCAT and will be screened on August 27th at 8 PM. Tickets are 8 dollars and there will be drinks and expresso [please fix spelling before publication –ed.] available at the bar.

The film has received numerous awards, including Best Documentary at CUFF and a nomination for Best Documentary at the San Joaquin International Film Festival. Cinematographer Jason Turner recalls, “in Feb the film played the Victoria Film Festival where it sold out its first screening, and was the only film to have a second screening added which also sold out with as many people waiting outside as got in to see it”. So, if you want a chance to see Veer in Toronto, line up early for our August 27th screening at CineCycle, at 8 PM.

Also, Dandyhorse magazine, the publishing arm of the mighty Toronto Cyclist Union, is emerging from its chrysalis for the third time in just over a year, next week. Will it be lucky?

Apparently, there’s a party:

dandyhorse celebrates cycling in Toronto!

Come celebrate the end of summer with us on August 31.

Original bike art by Elicser, Marlena Zuber and Janet “Bike Girl” Attard, as well as limited edition dandyhorse t-shirts, for sale and by raffle to lucky ticket holders.

$10 admission includes raffle for limited editionposter sized print of original cover art by Elicser. $5 for subscribers.

(*People with pants on will not be turned away.)

We understand our former Urban Design Expert has pirated a screed from these pages and is blathering in this latest issue about Danforth Avenue. What a bore. What a schnorrer. What a pseudo-intellectual. What a cascade of detritus.

The party’s at the Gladstone hotel(tm) which is not a boutique hotel, but a “unique” hotel [gag –ed.]. The Gladstone’s in the west end. Darn that “west” “end.” They have everything but the best ice cream. For the city’s best ice cream apparently you gotta come to Ellie’s Ville [please, that’s “Leslieville.” –ed.].

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