“War on Cars” proclaimed over: we won already. We need something new to do with our time

Back to the topic of the day, the so-called “car-czar” to be appointed to take over the Little Three in the U.S.

(Oh–Did we mention we’re lazy?)

Too lazy to rewrite what we’ve posted elsewhere. Instead, here it is, thanks to the magick of “control-V.”

Allderblob | Thursday, December 11, 2008, 6:35 pm

Yeah, war on this, war on that… pretty effective stuff. What we need is a new tactic. What about “Peace?” Let’s have Peace on cars. With Peace on cars, there’d be consensus on one thing: cars haven’t met the expectations we’ve placed on them. Cars, we forgive you. Now we can move on. With Peace on Cars we’d plow suburbia back into forests and farmlands, bring national train service (and public transit in cities) up to the Bulgarian standard (for starters), build liveable, walkable, bikable communities, and create jobs in sectors (like building the new trains and infrastructure to support them) that doesn’t wreak the same havoc that the international automobile project did throughout the last century. Clearly it’s in this last category that the new nationalized automobile companies will find their due. Good luck!

“Bring trains up to Bulgarian standards–” We like that line a lot. [So does your pal Kunstler. –ed.]

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