star photograph
(Toronto Star photograph, ca 2003)

Jacob L. Allderdice, OAA, LEED AP

Registered Architect, New York, State of Maine

M.Arch, M.Urban Design

I can be reached via the comment page on this site.

Member, ARC (Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists)

Member, Toronto EAST (Everyday Access to Safer Travel)


articles written by me:

ONGOING: writings on topics many and various at “The ALLDERBLOB,” http://www.allderdice.ca

Urban Design Columnist, Waking Up In the City,

for monthly St John’s arts newspaper, the Overcast (February-October, 2014)


“City in Flight,” Canadian Architect magazine, November, 2012 (feature article, 2000 words)

(On a proposal by Vancouver’s Joyce Drohan (Perkins and Will) and Edmonton’s Barry Johns to replace the Edmonton City Centre Airport with a new city sector and home for 30,000 residents)


“The Red Lantern,” Canadian Architect magazine, June, 2011 (feature article, 1800 words)

(On the addition and renovation to Regis College, U Toronto, by Larkin Architect Limited)


“Amazing What a Bit of Paint Can Do,” Dandyhorse magazine, summer 2009

(On everyday conditions for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers on Toronto’s spine, Danforth Ave)

“Campus Ideals,” Canadian Architect magazine, Feb. 2007 (feature article, 2,000 words)

(On the new UOIT Campus designs of Toronto architects Jack Diamond and Donald Schmitt)


“Life at the Speed of a Bicycle” in the book greenTOpia (volume III in the uTOpia series)

(Coach House Books, Toronto 2007)

(Analyzes the features that typify one part of Danforth Avenue in Toronto, and proposes the city adapt the features for other streets it wishes to civilize. Since its publication, in 2014 Toronto finally extended the pattern of road markings east of the location I wrote about; in an ideal world they will continue)

“Housing Transitions,” Canadian Architect magazine, Feb. 2007 (feature article, 1,200 words)

(Examines a project by Toronto Architects Levitt/Goodman)


“Toronto Islands: A Love Story” in the book uTOpia: Towards a New Toronto

(Coach House Books, Toronto 2005) (widely reviewed and still in print)

“Green Dreamers,” Canadian Architect magazine, Jan. 2003 (feature article, 1000 words)

(On the trials of building a sustainable residential project on a laneway in Toronto)


“Learning by Design,” Canadian Architect magazine, Sept. 2002 (feature article, 2,000 words)

(On trends and changes in interior design education in Canada)


“A New Design Philosophy: Defuturing by Tony Fry” Canadian Architect magazine, Sept. 2001

(Book review) http://www.canadianarchitect.com/news/reviews/1000116005/?&er=NA

“On the Essential Placelessness of the Machine,” Fifth Column, McGill University, 1991

(An urban design proposal for the Halifax harbour)


articles about my work:

“Now, here’s a creative island-airport plan,”
Toronto Globe and Mail, Dec. 14, 2000, by John Barber
About my competition proposal for a new car-free residential community: the former Toronto island airport

“Lake Shore Dreaming,”
Chicago Journal, Aug. 23, 2001, by Lydia Lyle Gibson
“Campaign for a Free and Clear Lakefront,”
Chicago Streetwise, Sept. 3-9, 2001, by Suzanne Hanney
Two articles on the charrette I ran in Chicago to generate ideas and enthusiasm about “depaving” the eight-lane Lake Shore Drive where it crosses Grant Park on Lake Michigan

“Architect shows off his plan to dig up the drive,”
Chicago Tribune, Sept. 30, 2001, by Sean D. Hamill
Article and interview with me about the proposal I developed and presented following the Chicago charrette

“Green Light for Dundas St. Bike lane,”
Toronto Star, May 27, 2003, by Kerry Gillespie
Article on Toronto city council’s approval of the bike lane I promoted with the group Dundas EAST (Everyday Access to Safer Travel), to “turn a four-lane commuter thoroughfare into a two-lane community street.”

“Bike lane ill-advised,”
Toronto Star, June 1, 2003, unsigned editorial
The Star fulminated against the Dundas St. E. bike lane, calling on council to reverse its decision

“Deputy Mayor Ootes does U-turn on bike lane,”
National Post, July 22, 2003, by Peter Kuitenbrouer
Article quotes me on the Dundas bike lane, but warns of the Deputy Mayor’s intention to stall implementation and try to reverse council’s decision

“Bike lane seen as win for cyclists and gridlock,”
Toronto Star, July 24, 2003, by Kerry Gillespie
“Bid to scrap bike lanes deflated,”
Beach-Riverdale Mirror, July 25, 2003, by David Nickle
The Deputy Mayor failed to achieve the 2/3 majority he needed to reverse the Dundas St. E. decision. Both articles interview me. The Star article includes a photograph (see above)

“Dundas E. bike lanes give cyclists their space,”
Toronto Star, Aug. 23, 2003, by Kevin McGran
After the paint has dried on the new Dundas St. E. bike lanes.

“A victory celebration for Dundas bike lane proponents,”
Toronto Voice, Sept. 2003, unaccredited
“Ootes gives notice on bike lanes,”
East York Mirror, Oct. 3, 2003, by David Nickle
The Deputy Mayor is quoted saying his chief priority if re-elected will be to “scratch out” the Dundas lanes

“Cyclists take action in municipal campaign,”
biketoronto.ca, Nov. 9 2003, by Martin Koob
About my attempt to rally cyclists’ support for the chief opponent of the Deputy Mayor

“Ootes still determined to get rid of those pesky bike lanes,”
Toronto Globe and Mail, Dec. 1, 2003, by Jeff Gray
With a new mayor, Ootes has lost his clout. Article quotes me saying it’s time for bike lanes in Ootes’s ward

“Is this lane a pain?”
NOW magazine, Jan. 8-14, 2004 by Don Wanagas
A “before and after” analysis of the Dundas St. E. bike lanes concludes the road is improved, even for cars.

“Cosburn gears up for bicycle lanes over objections,”
Riverdale-East York Town Crier, Sept. 2004, by “staff”
“Cosburn bike lanes given green light,” Riverdale-East York Mirror, Sept. 17, 2004, by David Nickle
City council approves bike lanes for Ootes’s ward, overriding his objections

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