Your First Cigarette

The Toronto Star today had a whole section devoted to encouraging people who had never smoked before, or in some cases people who had smoked but not bought their own cigarettes, to strike out on the well-trod path of the “tobacco-dependent” folks before them.

Section H.

Not to be missed.

Surprising was the lack of any perspective on the damage to health, whether one’s own or that of the community. Also surprising was the lack of information on the true cost of the habit, in dollars and cents.

Why would the Toronto Star knowingly promote a product that is dangerous to one’s health and the health of others? A product that is reviled by educated folks and officially “discouraged” by cities across North America?

Can you say “ad revenue?”

Of course you can.

Let’s see, out of a 12-page section, four full-page cigarette ads, two half-page ads and a smaller banner ad across the bottom of page one. Must have raised a fair penny for the Star coffers.

Oh, I’m sorry, did I say cigarettes? The section was called “Your First Car.” My mistake.

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