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Taking ourselves too seriously

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Most of our readers (hi, Pokerslam14! Hi, Casino4Real! Hi, Tegsasholdem!) have been returning to our site over and over during the past couple weeks, eager for our take on the turn of events at the seat of government, both here in Canada (Harper still holds the Prime Ministership in a minority government, after a vote in which the smallest percentage of eligible voters in Canadian history bothered to cast ballots) and in the U.S.A. (so Dieboldt was not able to rig the election this time). Most of our readers (hi, Casinofaves! Hi, Pokerpartay! Hi, Deal_me_in!) have their knickers in a knot, waiting for our take on the so-called “crisis” that has brought the “shrivelled 3” to the door of the poorhouse and to the government feeding trough, begging for handouts.

To tell the truth, we are as amazed as the next person, and as perplexed as anyone about the doofuses who run the formerly giant car-makin’ machineries. What is it, something in the water that makes them so stupid? What is it, something in the air that makes them so greedy? What is it, something in their feedbags that makes them so suicidal?

We bought a new bike a couple weeks ago. It cost us over $800. It has an 8-speed internal hub and a coaster brake. With a barrel of oil (read 25,000 man-hours of labour) now costing below $50 US, we thought about sniffing around for a wrecky old car instead. We thought about the VW bus with “issues” that a friend put up for sale not long ago at $500.

But we look to the future, and we say, “nah.” We see how cars defuture.

How come so few others see the same?